Combating COVID-19 Variants: Contact Tracing

Facedrive Global
2 min readMar 15, 2021


As more contagious and virulent UK COVID -19 variant surges across the globe, health experts are predicting that the 3rd COVID-19 wave is inevitable.

As the government continues to lift the current lockdown, medical expert Dr. Peter Jüni shared with CTV that currently Ontario is undergoing “two pandemics at the same time”. B.1.1.7 or the mutated version of COVID-19 is more transmissible and dangerous as compared to the original virus. Dr. Jüni also stated that “Though the old variant is under control, but the new variant is not, and therefore he starts talking about a pandemic within a pandemic”.

According to the current calculations the new variant is receding with its rate of reproduction to 0.9 meaning 10 infected people will go on to at least infecting 9 others. Furthermore, the UK COVID -19 variant causes a 30% of higher risk of death in the infected patients.

With the escalated number of confirmed cases every day the pandemic has taken the world’s healthcare systems by surprise. Many significant players in the industry are joining hands with technology that could help to return to a safer working environment. Wearable technology in healthcare can potentially assist by providing prediction of symptoms, real-time remote monitoring, contact tracing, etc. The use of wearables such as TraceScan with its AI platform powered by Facedrive Health is one such example that not only helps to promote social distancing and alerts the user from the exposure of COVID-19 but also is a trendsetter among its competitors. Using such wearables on daily basis could limit the spread of infection at the workplace thus allowing organizations and industries to return to normal working routines.

TraceScan — The Digital Contact Tracing solution allows the users to simply wear the device and it will automatically communicate with the other Bluetooth devices within its specific range. The wearable powered by Facedrive Health is bundled up with features such as access control, payments, accelerometer, oxygen levels, monitoring heart rate and body temperature but the best feature about this wearable is that it

TraceSCAN does not track your location!

The Ontario government-supported wearables can be worn in places where GPS doesn’t work or there is a limit to the usage of cell phones for safety or other reasons. TraceScan is boosted up with AI technology that not only helps to accurately lead to the identification of new cases but also provides alerts for potential isolations. It is embedded with Bluetooth 5.0 that works by exchanging short-distance signals between the devices and beeps to alert the user if they are less than six feet apart. Moreover, features like social distancing notification, personal social distancing score, and a battery life of up to 14 days are an add-on.

Using the best aspect of technology will not only help to attenuate the spread of COVID-19 but will also combat the current COVID-19 outburst by adding an extra layer of safety.